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SAS adds direct flights to Tirana from Copenhagen and Stockholm

SAS to fly to Tirana in Albania from Copenhagen and Stockholm. The flights are available on their website for purchase. To and from Copenhagen and Stockholm direct flights start in July. There are also flights from Copenhagen to Tirana, with a stopover in Stockholm.

Announcing the routes SAS, Scandinavian Airlines says:

Tirana, the capital of Albania, where the city pulse is as vibrant as the colors of its buildings. Discover Tirana through its lively Blloku neighborhood, iconic Skanderbeg Square and the intriguing exhibits at the BunkArt museum. Tirana is a city dense with cafes, so there will be plenty of options for you to stop and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. 

Venture on day trips to Berat, where Ottoman architecture whispers tales of history, and to Durrës, where ancient Roman ruins stand testament to the city’s rich past. Ascend Mount Dajti for breathtaking panoramas of the cityscape and indulge in delectable Albanian cuisine. 

SAS offers the most departures and has an attractive offering for people who travel frequently to, from and within Scandinavia. SAS conducted more than 800 scheduled flights daily in FY 2022, and a total of more than 23 million passengers traveled to SAS’ 125 destinations and on charter flights in Europe, the US and Asia. Membership in Star Alliance offers SAS access to a far-reaching global network and smooth connections. In addition to airline operations, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance and air cargo services.

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