Self-isolated? Travel to these “airports”, right now

As coronavirus outbreak has halted almost all the flights worldwide, travelers are getting creative and keeping up their passion and travel spirit.

Most people around the world are self-isolated for weeks, as governments have introduced restrictive measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Travelers have put their flights on hold for the time-being and have introduced new “airport” codes, in their homes. These are the most popular “airports” in the time of coronavirus. Here are their codes:

LVG – Living Room

DNR – Dining Room

BTH – Bathroom

BKY – Backyard

PAT – Patio

MBR – Master Bedroom

KIT – Kitchen

GTR – Great Room

OFC – Office

FRP – Front Porch

MLB – Mailbox

What other “airports” are in your current plans? Use the comment box below to add your “airport code”.

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