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Serbians’ favorite holiday destination: Albania

At this year’s International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, Serbians showed great interest in vacationing in Albania.

“For years we have been noticing that interest in Albania is growing. But this year we are surprised as people were interested in vacationing in December,” representatives of a travel agency that deals exclusively with tours to Albania tell

The most visited destinations in the country are Saranda, Vlora, ​​Ksamil and Durrës. Serbianss prefer the Ionian coast, which is close to Greece, especially Corfu.

The cheapest destination on the Albanian coast is Saranda. Bed and breakfast price is as little as 23 euros.

However, one of the most popular destinations, which is nowadays called the Maldives of Europe, is Ksamil. There, all-inclusive accommodation can be found for 58 euros.

The beaches in almost all the mentioned destinations are sandy, which especially attracts Serbian tourists.

The season starts in April, when you can find arrangements for Easter and the first of May. June and July are the most visited months, when these destinations are often very crowded.

Vacationing in Albania is mostly done with their own transport, but there are certainly also arrangements to travel by bus.

Tourism is growing

Albania was among the best destinations in Europe for 2023. The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, a regular tracker of short-term tourism trends providing updated insights into international tourism, has positioned Albania in the fourth spot globally for the period spanning January to July 2023.

In this ranking, Albania achieved an impressive 53% growth rate, after Turks and Caicos. It follows Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Albania outperforms other well-known European destinations such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and France, securing the top spot on the continent. The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer comes quarterly and offers a comprehensive analysis of the most recent data related to tourist destinations and source markets.

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