Theth national park in Albania to add zipline

Theth, a national park in Albania, set amongst the Alps, is adding a zipline to attract more tourists.

Theth National Park will receive the attraction. It will see riders pass over the Theth River, the ridges of the mountains and the valleys below.

The news is confirmed by Albanian Prime Minister Edit Rama on social media.

Theth National Park covers around 26 sq/km. It is located around 120 km from the Albanian capital, Tirana.

Must visit destinations in Theth

Lock-in tower and the Church of Theth

Kulla e ngujimit (Lock-in Tower) and Church of Theth are two most visited destinations. Kulla e ngujimit is a historical destination, very important for the locals and shows how mountain men were trying to avoid the blood feud. The Church of Theth is an important building which has served as a school for this zone too. An unusual and beautiful church built in 1892 and still at the same spot with the same foundations until this very day. During the construction period, attached to the east wall was also the presbytery, where the priest used to live.

Grunas Waterfall

It takes approximately an hour to get to the waterfall from the center of Theth Village. The hike is spectacular, taking you along a spectacular landscape of rivers, pastures, and mountain slopes.

Grunasi Waterfall is one of the most amazing natural attractions within Thethi National Park and in the hole Albanian Alps, declared a natural monument since 2002.

Grunasi waterfall is located on the western slope of the Thethi valley in the Albanian Alps. It starts at the western foot of the Boshi mountain peak, where it forms a narrow rocky trough through a limestone slope, then the water immediately falls from a height of 25 m.

At the bottom of the waterfall there is a pond, from which water flows into the valley of Thethi, join the Shala river, at the beginning of the Grunas canyon.

Grunas Canyon

Near Theth, there is the village of Nderlysa. There you will find Vaskat and Blue Eye. The stone groves of Nderlysa are some rock formations, where the black river water flows, from the village of Kapre in Theth Valley. There you can find crystal clear water. To reach the Blue Eye you must pass one of the rare beauties that are the Grunas Canyon of Theth, one of the pearls of the canyons in the entire country. The Blue Eye is a hidden gem in Albania. It is formed by the erosion of rock by the water that descends from the mountains.

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