Tips: Being productive while working from home in the time of coronavirus

Get up early, just like you do when you go to the office

With the self-isolation from the coronavirus pandemic you have the chance to sleep all day and be lazy, but: don’t do it. Get up, do the morning rituals; brush your teeth, shower, have breakfast, coffee or tea; just like you would do when you have to go to the office. Wear something other than your pajamas.

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Working 9-5

Keep the schedule and the working hours; let’s say you work 09:00am-05:00pm. This should be your schedule also when you are working from home. Have coffee or stretching breaks and also a longer lunch break. Get fresh air by opening the window, get out on the balcony/terrace or even better if you have a garden. Use these tools to work some magic in your garden.

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Bed is just for sleeping

Don’t work in your bed. Laptop and mobile phone are easy to work on under the cover, but don’t do that. Designate a workspace, far from the bed. You will be more productive. Plus, if you are having a video call with colleagues, you don’t want to show them this part of the room. The couch in the living room, can also be an option, or the terrace or the garden. Just not the bed, even thought it might be as good as this one.

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Don’t cook, clean or do the dishes: You are working

There is a time you have to schedule for house chores, and that cannot be mixed with working hours. Despite the fact that you actually work from home, doing the chores should have another schedule, let’s say after 05:00pm, or in the weekend (cleaning, laundry, etc.) The washing machine can work in the background, but you take out the clothes after the working hours, just saying.

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Sleep like it’s a school night

Just have in mind that tomorrow will be another working day, so you have to go to bed early. Stop binge-watching TV series or movies, don’t overeat or drink, and make sure you have your eight hours of sleep.

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