Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport aims 10 million passengers in 3 years

The growth of Tirana International Airport (TIA) will be rapid in the coming years. Piervittorio Farabbi, the Operational Director says that within three years, the number of passengers could reach 10 millions. 

At the same time, investments will aim expanding the capacity of TIA. These include additional parking spots, tripling the size of the terminal, renovating the runway and extending it. This will make possible transatlantic flights. Airlines from the Middle East want to fly to Tirana.

“We are looking to expand to the Middle East. There are already several flights, some of which are year-round and Central Asia”, he says. 

Mr. Farabbi tells “Monitor” magazine that “Kastrati Group”, as the sole shareholder of Tirana International Airport, will invest 60 million euros in projects through 2024. The investments are 40% more from the initial investment value of 100 million euros.

“The current concession agreement requires from the airport operator to invest 100 million euros in new infrastructures by 2040. Meanwhile, Kastrati Group, as the sole shareholder of Tirana International Airport, until the end of 2024, will complete important projects. They are worth 60 million euros”, he says.

Farabbi adds: “Our latest forecast for 2024 has a target of 9 million passengers (MPPA), an increase of 25% from 2023. This also comes as a result of the great effect of the network of “Ryanair”, which at one time short, can significantly affect the achievement of the predicted figures. Based on the new requests we have from various international airlines, we project that in the next three years we will reach 10 million passengers at the airport, because there are markets where we still have space to offer services.”

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