Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport highlights significant increases in passenger numbers

Tirana International Airport reports growth in 2023. It had significant increases in passenger numbers, seat capacity, and load factor.

Passenger Numbers Surge by 40%

In 2023, Tirana International Airport saw an impressive 40% surge in passenger numbers, reaching a total of 7,257,574. This growth underscores the airport’s role in facilitating seamless travel experiences and fostering connectivity.

Expanded Seat Capacity and Air Traffic Movements 

The infrastructure development is evident in the substantial increase in seat capacity, which grew by 67% in December 2023. In December 2022, it was 429,708 seats. Additionally, Air Traffic Movements (ATM) experienced a notable 32% increase from 2022, with 25,354 rotations.

TIA grew by 37% in seat capacity totaling a number of 4,240,461 seats from 3,089,941 in 2022. The airport recognizes the top 5 airlines contributing: Wizz Air, Air Albania, Albawings, Lufthansa and Ryanair. Wizz Air is leading the pack with a 59% market share and a number of 4,289,960 passengers in 2023.

New Airline Collaborations and Exciting Destinations

In 2023, Tirana International Airport welcomed new airlines like Jazeera, and Ryanair and introduced exciting destinations. They include: Naples, Brindisi, Trieste, Lamezia Terme, Palermo, Thessaloniki, Comiso, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bucharest, Kuwait, Dammam, Stockholm Arlanda, Dusseldorf Weeze, Prague, Warsaw Modlin and Rome Ciampino. TIA also welcomed new charters, including Iberia, Flyone, and Tailwind, further diversifying its airline portfolio. New charter destinations such as Brno, Bilbao, Sarajevo, Lisbon, Porto, Chisinau, Riga, Bratislava, and Warsaw Radom started.

Premier Destinations Driving Traffic

 In 2023, Tirana International Airport’s top destinations played a critical role in attracting passengers and fostering regional connectivity. As a result, the top 5 destinations, led by Italy, Germany, and the UK, accounted for a significant share of passenger traffic.

Italy (44%): With over 3.1 million passengers, Italy emerged as the dominant market for Tirana International Airport.

Germany (13%): Serving nearly a million passengers, Germany maintained a substantial presence.

UK (8%): Tirana International Airport facilitated seamless travel for over half a million passengers to and from the United Kingdom.

Turkey (6%), Greece (4%), and Beyond: Other key markets, including Turkey and Greece, contributed significantly to the airport’s success.

The top destinations from Tirana International Airport 

They have distinctly influenced passenger choices. London claims the paramount position among the top destinations from Tirana International Airport, with an impressive 8% share of total destinations. Following closely are Milan, Rome, and Bergamo, each contributing significantly with a 5% share, while Pisa completes the top five destinations with a notable 4% share. The prominence of London underscores its status as the most sought-after destination.

Strategic Airports Fostering Connectivity 

In line with the success of destinations, key airports have played a vital role in defining the travel patterns of passengers departing from Tirana International Airport.

Milan – Leading the Way: The most frequented airport by passengers from Tirana is Milan, capturing the highest share of passengers in 2023, with 390,863 individuals traveling there.

Luton, Bergamo, Fiumicino, and Pisa: Following closely are Luton, Bergamo, Fiumicino, and Pisa, each contributing significantly to the airport’s success.

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