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Tirana International Airport overtakes Belgrade in passenger traffic

Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa” (TIA) set a historical record. For the first time in the history, according to the official January data, Tirana had more passengers than Belgrade airport.

Although the media reports that Belgrade airport saw the busiest January in history, Tirana International Airport had more passengers. Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport had 569,572 passengers during January, while Tirana recorded 625,270. Belgrade airport has been the undisputed number one in the Balkans during the last decades. But this has changed as Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa” climbs to the top.

Historical record: 7 million passengers in 2023

Tirana International Airport had 7 million passengers in 2023, marking the highest number in a year. The continuous increase in the number of passengers reflects the success of Tirana International Airport’s strategic initiatives aimed at increasing connecting flights and access.

“We are proud of the doubling number of passengers in TIA, compared to 2019 and the increase of 35% compared to 2022. This is thanks to all airlines, but of course, thanks to the addition of low cost airlines”, Piervittorio Farabbi, the Operational Director of the airport says. Continuing its role as a vital gateway connecting Albania to major global destinations, “Mother Teresa” airport remains steadfast in its commitment to provide better services, boost tourism and contribute significantly to the general development of the region.

The airport says it is prepared for the increasing number of passengers. Additional staff, new handling equipment and expanded electronic border checkpoints will speed up the processing. The data for the passengers in January shows that the record number of tourists last year, more than 10 million, can be higher in 2024.

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