Tourist attractions in Albania remain closed due to coronavirus pandemic

All cultural activities are suspended, while museums, the National Library and archeological sites in Albania remain closed until April 3, 2000 as the country is facing the coronavirus pandemic.

“All public museums, the National Library and archeological parks, belonging to the Ministry of Culture, will close until April 3”, the Ministry said on a press release, urging the private museums and movie theaters to follow suit.

The Ministry of Culture said that all cultural activities, conferences and board meetings of the National Theatre, the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Circus, the National Cultural Children Centre, the Movie Archive, the National Library and the National Institute of Cultural Heritage are suspended.

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is already impacting the economy, and substantially restricting activity in sectors such as tourism, aviation, energy and manufacturing not only in Albania but also in Eastern Europe.

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The number of tourists visiting the country has zeroed, as all air, land and sea links have closed, and the country is in lockdown.

Travel agencies in Albania are facing bankruptcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, as tourists have stopped coming to Albania and Albanians aren’t travelling abroad.

Bookings have been cancelled on a daily basis. The main concern of the tour operators is the cancellations for the whole summer season. This will damage not only to the government’s budget, but also to the most profitable sector in Albania: tourism.

Hospitality is among the most affected sectors by the coronavirus pandemic. Many hotels are on the verge of bankruptcy. No guests have arrived in Albania in the past two weeks. Only sanitation workers and receptionists work at the moment in hotels.

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