Travel the world… on YouTube

Self-isolation, border closures, travel restrictions, flight cancellations… are happening all around the world as we face the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the self-quarantined people have found ways to kill their time at home; cooking, communicating online with friends, working from home, blogging, cleaning, binge-watching series and documentaries and so on.

Another way to “kill time” while self-isolated is to travel the world, just by using YouTube, the video-sharing platform.

“Go” to Paris

The City of Light glows as bright as ever as the most visited city in the world. Follow Expedia on their journey through Paris and see why for yourself.


Erik Conover introduces top 7 incredible places in Iceland you won’t believe they exist. He brings a list of his top destinations In Iceland while traveling the country.


If you have never been to Thailand, TourRadar has a beginner’s travel guide, a compilation of the very best travel tips and tricks to help guide your next adventure to Thailand. It’s no secret that Thailand is full of local encounters and experiences to behold, and it’s time to find out everything you need to know.


It’s time to say “aloha” to this incredible archipelago with MojoTravels. In this guide they are counting down their picks for the Top 10 reasons to visit Hawaii.


Prague is one of the most beautiful and popular cities to visit in all of Europe. The architecture is beautiful, the food is fantastic and there are plenty of amazing things to see and do. And Domanation Travels has this guide for you.

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