Kushner to invest in Albania

Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner plans to invest in tourism in Albania

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is closing in on multibillion-dollar deals to buy real estate for tourism projects in Albania. The plan also has an investment in Serbia.

Kushner gave an interview to Bloomberg where he stated that his investment plans include tourist resorts in Sazan and Zvërnec. For the development of these projects and another one in Belgrade, he says he will invest one billion US dollars.

According to Kushner’s plan, thousands of tourist accommodation units will be built in Zvërnec. Meanwhile luxury accommodation units of the Aman brand will be erected on the island of Sazan. 

“Sazan is one of the most unique coasts I have ever seen in the world”, he says.

Kushner and his business partner, former Trump administration official Richard Grenell used their connections to foreign officials to draft the deals. They include plans to develop more tourist sites in the Balkan countries.

“We are very excited,” Kushner says.

“We have not finalized these deals. So they might not happen, but we have been working hard and are pretty close.”

Sazan and Zvërnec

Sazan is an Albanian uninhabited island in the Mediterranean Sea. The largest of Albania’s islands, it is a designated military exclusion zone; it lies in a strategically important location between the Strait of Otranto and the mouth of the Bay of Vlorë, marking the border between the Adriatic and Ionian seas.

Zvërnec Island is an island within the Narta Lagoon in southern Albania. The island is nearly all covered with tall pine trees and is just east of a much smaller island. It is 430m in length and has a maximum width of 300m. Zvërnec Island is connected to the mainland by a 270m long wooden bridge.

The island is a tourist attraction because it contains the well preserved 13th-14th century Byzantine Zvërnec Monastery. Near the island lies the village that bears the same name.

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