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UK’s Cyplon Holidays adds Albania to its destination list

Cyplon Holidays is continuing to expand its portfolio with the launch of holidays to Albania.

The operator said it has seen demand and interest in Albania grow, and will now be selling trips that include areas such as Tirana, Golem, Qerret and Saranda, as well as multi-country tours through Albania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece.

Over the past year we have seen the demand for this diverse country increasingly grow. Albania is mentioned numerous times as one to watch for 2024.  Its stunning mountain scenery and beautiful beaches are not to be missed. After carefully handpicking all our hotels and tours we are now super excited to showcase to our trade friends exactly what Albania has to offer.

Stephanie Robins, Sales Director, Cyplon Holidays

Private tours start from £869 (around 1020 Euro) per person and include flights. Packages are already on sale.

Albania on the list

The holiday package’s description reads:

Discover the warm local hospitality and embrace the vibrant rhythm of traditional Albanian music and dance. Indulge in traditional cuisine, with its delectable blends of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors, accompanied by renowned Albanian wines. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or a journey into the past, Albania is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. Cyplon holidays is delighted to offer a selection of hotels in a variety of resorts across Albania as well as Guided Tours that showcase the best of this fascinating country and also allow you to visit some of its Balkan neighbors, including Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Greece.

Cyplon Holidays operates since 1972. Not long after its formation Cyplon Holidays established itself as one of the UK’s most reputable holiday operators to Cyprus. That success enabled the business to grow and Cyplon Holidays quickly branched out into other destinations such as Greece, Egypt and Dubai as well as began to specialize in Tailor-made and Group Holidays. Now the list also has holidays to Albania.

Albania saw over 10 million tourists last year. According to the Bank of Albania, the expenditures of foreigners in Albania reached a record of 3.2 billion euros in the 9th month, with an increase of 47% compared to the same period a year ago and double that of 2019.

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